How much is too much? The perfect sales pitch to promote your event.

December 1, 2016 - 2 minutes read

A good sales pitch is key to running a successful event. Without a great pitch to excite people, how are you going to motivate them to attend your event?

First impressions are the most important part of any sales pitch so it’s important that the first contact anyone has with your event (whether it’s email, social media or print advertising) is memorable and engaging. Include visuals and ensure that the information they see is clear and straight to the point. This initial communication sets the tone for the rest of your communications with customers and can impact on their perception of the event.

Don’t overload customers with too much information. Instead, provide small but valuable pieces of information to get them excited about your event. Special offers are also a great way to entice customers who are on the fence about attending by creating additional value for them.

The best way to ensure that what you send your customers is valuable and most likely to convert them, is to understand what they want. By taking surveys at various points throughout your event promotion, you can build a picture of what customers are most interested in, and promote these things further.

If you’re running an email campaign, get subscribers to tick boxes of things they’d like to hear about when they sign up. This will help you segment your audience and send them information tailored specifically to them. For instance, if a subscriber tells you they’re interested in music, be sure to send them information about the musicians and performers at your event.

Always remember to include a call to action and a link to your eTickets page so they can easily purchase tickets!

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