The best value ticketing solution

You simply pay the following per-ticket fees, based on the currency you sell in:

  • British Pounds (GBP): £0.80
  • US Dollars (USD): $1.00
  • Euros (EUR): €1.00
  • Canadian Dollars (CAD): $1.10
  • Australian Dollars (AUD): $1.00
  • New Zealand Dollars (NZD): $1.40

We charge you in your own currency, and you can cover your costs by adding a booking fee to your tickets if you want to.

We charge your chosen credit or debit card automatically each week for new sales and also when you end sales for your event and/or download your ticket data. You’ll only ever be charged for new sales since the last bill.

We’ve designed to be great value, with completely transparent pricing that puts you in control.

When you use you pay us a small fixed fee for each ticket sold (we don’t charge for free events). We don’t charge you a percentage fee or directly touch the money from your sales.

Money from your ticket sales goes directly to your PayPal or Stripe account.
We don’t make any deductions and you only pay us for tickets sold.

For charities we offer a 25% discount, email us for details.

Your payment provider (PayPal or Stripe) will charge you a small fee for each payment received.

Sounds good?

Calculate your fees:

What currency will you be selling in?

Which payment service will you use?

What price will your ticket be?