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Everything you ever wanted to know about us. Probably.

What we believe

We believe that any event organiser should be able to benefit from the efficiency of selling etickets for their events – whether it’s 10 tickets or 10,000.

It should be as simple as possible for you to sell tickets for your events. is so easy to use that In less than 5 minutes you can be selling tickets, 24 hours a day; you can instantly review and edit your account and you can add as many events as you like.

High booking fees are a rip-off. With you pay the same $1.00/80p processing fee per ticket sold regardless of the ticket price you set or how many you sell, and you set any additional fees charged to your customers, not the agent. The only other fee you pay is to whoever processes your payment.

It’s your money, you should keep it; most companies collect the money for you and may even pay you after the event. We believe your money shouldn’t be gathering interest in someone else’s account! That’s why with you collect your revenue instantly.

Value for money and no hidden costs. We’ve done the maths and this is how much it costs. If you already have a provider and you or your customers are paying more than the above for your ticketing service then really you should be wondering what you’re paying for.

They’re your customers – you should own the relationship. With you own your customer contact database which will help you to market your future events directly to your customers.

Paper tickets are no longer needed. For most events eTicketing is the ideal solution – there are no postage costs, no missing tickets and you can keep selling right up to the last minute.

Great customer service is a right, not a privilege. We’re here to help. We only succeed if you do.

We put all our efforts into making it easy for you to sell your tickets and easy for your customers to buy them, so you can get on with what you’re best at – organising a fantastic event.

Our Story

How did come about? In 2005 we built a simple ticketing system to help out a friend who needed to sell about 100 tickets for a small event – the big ticketing companies weren’t interested and she needed a quick and simple solution. Never one’s to turn down a challenge we built a simple system to take payments and send out tickets by email.

People liked what they saw (we know because they emailed and told us, which was nice) and before long we had several regular customers using the system, including one of Eastern Europe’s largest music festivals.

We realised that there were many companies out there who would help people sell their tickets and take a hefty booking fee on top, but there wasn’t a simple DIY solution for ticket sales. Then, the more we asked people, the more it seemed everyone was fed up with paying a high booking fee as well as the ticket price. So we thought “let’s do something about it.”

And so was born. Easy to use, self-service, electronic ticketing. We simply charge promoters a small, fixed fee for each ticket sold – no percentages, no minimums.

In 2007 we picked up the Innovative Business of the Year Award at the Natwest Startups Awards. Below is our Founder, Matt McNeill, collecting the award from Sky News’ Adrienne Lawler and Alison Dwyer from The British Library.


Our mission

To provide easy to use self-service electronic ticketing for everyone.

We want to change the way tickets are sold. We’re cutting out the middleman and making it easy for consumers to buy tickets directly from promoters, without having to pay hefty booking fees and service charges.

What Do I need to use

You only really need 3 things to use

  • An email address
  • An event to sell tickets for
  • A PayPal or Stripe account
  • Really – that’s it!

Where are we based?

We’re based in sunny Brisbane, Australia.

Who uses us?

We’ve got clients all over the world, from LA to Sydney, of every size from huge events like the 50,000 capacity Exit Festival in Serbia through to choir concerts in Wimbledon and photography classes in Bristol.

Tea or Coffee?

Coffee, thanks. Black, one sugar. Only real stuff though – none of that instant rubbish.

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