Personalising your event with eTickets

September 18, 2021 - 4 minutes read

Although we’ve designed the eTickets platform to be as simple as possible, we have a pretty solid set of customisations available for event organisers. Let’s run through a few of our favourites.

Create different ticket types

For a lot of events, a single ticket type will do – but not all. That’s why we give you the option to add up to 40 different types of ticket.

You can customise each different ticket type easily when creating your event – tailoring the name, description, price and number of tickets available:

Protip: use the auto-end sales to create ‘early bird tickets’ at reduced prices to spark interest in your event from the very beginning!

Collect attendee data with Event Questions

Let’s say you’re running a corporate function, and you want to print nametags for easy networking.

You’re going to need to get a little bit more information from your attendees than just their names and email addresses. How about their position? Which company they work for? Maybe their Twitter handle?

With eTickets, you can ask your customers these questions during the purchase process. You can even make them compulsory before they can receive their ticket. (This is useful for ensuring your attendees are all legal adults if your event requires them to be, for instance).

Add ‘service fees’ to cover any added costs

Whatever price you’re selling your tickets for, you’ll be charged the same flat-fee by eTickets (just USD$1.00 / AUD$1.00 / €1.00 / £0.80 per ticket).

But if you’re on a shoestring budget, or raising money for charity (every dollar counts when you’re raising money for a good cause!) then you can use our ‘service fees’ feature to reclaim all the service costs!

That means you can reclaim any costs lost to eTickets, or any additional Paypal or Stripe processing fees!

Customise your ticket ordering page

While we’ve made the layout of all the ticket pages the same for convenience’s sake, you have plenty of options to make it truly your own.

You can add your own banner and text – and using the advanced settings, you can even adjust background and text colours to suit your branding.

Add an Exit Link to direct customers to other resources after purchase

You have the option to add an ‘Exit Link’; a webpage that users will land on after purchasing their ticket.

While many simply opt for their website’s homepage, there are many more things you can do with this functionality if you want to get creative! Why not direct them to a ‘thank you for purchasing’ page, or even an online event guide or programme?

Customise the very tickets themselves

You can even customise your tickets!

Before finishing off your event in setup, you can even add some text that will appear on your eTickets. Why not remind your customers of any dress codes or requirements for entry so you can be sure they don’t forget? Alternatively, include direction to the event? A setlist for your gig? You could thank your sponsors? It’s entirely up to you!

Next time you’re hosting an event, and selling your tickets with our platform, remember to make use of these features! They can really help take your customers’ experience as seamless and smooth as possible.