Swing into gala season with these top tips

January 24, 2017 - 4 minutes read

Putting together a formal event is certainly a difficult task, but when done right, it’s a fun and sophisticated night of entertainment for all involved. We want your event to go off without a hitch, so we’ve put together some tips to ensure your gala is one to remember!

With all events great or small, setting a budget is always top priority. You need to know how much it will cost per person to set a realistic ticket charge. This is also a crucial time to come up with package options for beverages, as this can usually slip under the radar and create a significant dent in the budget later down the track.

Now that your budget is decided, take this information with you when you go to pick your venue. The location can make or break purchasing decisions as a number of factors, including accessibility and reputation, may sway the opinions of attendees. Do your research and choose a venue that will excite your guests.

Reserved seating is generally the preference for any kind of sit down dinner to easily organise attendees. Whether the guests prefer it, is a whole other story! Allowing guests to sit where they please may seem like a flexible idea, however it can usually lead to more issues than anticipated. Unhappy guests and awkward table arrangements are not how you want your event to be remembered.

Reserved seating not only creates organisation for guests but also opens opportunities to sell more tickets at the first point of sale. Try offering alternative ticket types such as full table and half table options to encourage companies to purchase more tickets at once. Giving these higher ticket types a bulk buy discount will be more appealing and could lead to quicker purchase decisions. Offering reserved seating will also ensure groups are seated together and you avoid the trap of over-catering.

There is a lot of pressure on picking the perfect caterer for events, especially if the event attracts high expectations. Find a reputable catering company and confirm arrangements are set in stone well in advance. You will have enough to do on the night, so make sure catering is one less thing to worry about. eTickets.to offers the choice of asking ticket holders for dietary requirements when they purchase their ticket. Utilising this option at the point of sale is the perfect way to gain this information easily to prepare your catering company for the different requests.

Entertainment is our final tip, but don’t discount its importance! It is often an afterthought for formal galas, as it can sometimes be assumed that guests will be preoccupied by their surrounding company. While this is true, it is always best to provide some form of entertainment for guests to encourage fun and relaxation. Whether it is something as simple as a live band or inspirational speech, the addition of live entertainment will keep your guests engaged and create an enjoyable atmosphere.

Now that you have these elements sorted, get those invitations out there and give attendees enough time to organise their tickets for the best gala of the year!