Keep your event costs as low as possible with these top tips.

December 7, 2016 - 2 minutes read

Events can be expensive to run, so here’s some tips to help keep your costs as low as possible!

Before you start actually organising the event, take the time to carefully plan out all your costs within the budget, making note of fixed and variable costs. This will help you notice where you might be able to cut costs further down the track.

Use your network to organise sponsors and create an arrangement where they get value from you, such as exposure, in exchange for goods and services for your event. Giving them prime position at your event, giving shout-outs on social media and showcasing their logo on promotional materials are great ways to show your appreciation for their help.

Another super easy way to reduce your costs is to always buy your food and drink supplies in bulk. Always remember to talk to your partners before making large purchases as they may have a connection that can help reduce costs even further.

Where possible, use volunteers to staff your event at the gate and at stalls. For the staff that need to be professionals, such as security and set up staff, pre-plan your hires so that you have exactly the right number of people and don’t end up with an excess of paid staff on the day.

Having photography at your event is great for social media content and can serve as promotional material for your next event. However, professional photographers can be expensive. Instead, reach out to your network to see if there is someone trying to turn their hobby into profession. These people will often be happy to work for free if you’re able to provide exposure (such as social media shout-outs) and a testimonial to help them break into the industry.

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