Amp up your ticketing page design!

December 2, 2016 - 2 minutes read

You’ve put hours into planning and organising your event to make it the best possible experience for guests, but have you considered the careful execution of your ticketing page?

The ticketing page is essentially your shop front – it’s the last thing people see before committing to attending your event and the last push to convince customers to buy tickets. Even with a template, there is no reason why you can’t put your creative flair to good use so we’ve put together a few ideas to help nail your design and convert sales.

Make use of an eye catching banner for your header image to draw attention and stir a bit of excitement. Go for a short height and longer width to stretch across the page and make the most optimal use of space. It stops all ticketing info from falling below the page fold where audiences have to scroll down to find what they are after. Incorporate your logo and an ‘on-brand’ colour scheme.

When it comes to your event description, ensure all your essential info is listed. There is nothing worse than reading an event description and being left dumbfounded as to the finer details. It sounds like an obvious reminder but you’d be surprised at how often organisers overlook certain details and forget to sense check the text. You can even include specific ticket descriptions to ensure customers know what’s included in their purchase. Not only will it enhance a positive customer experience, but it will save you time from answering FAQs down the track.

Stick to a small mix of font sizes and styling to help define the most important elements. Remember – consistency is key. It will maintain your professional online presence and give you greater credibility.

You may not give your ticketing design page a second thought but it’s essentially your point of sale before people spend their money on your service. Overall, sticking to a simple and clean design will be your best bet and reduce any barriers to purchase where you can convert as many buyers as possible.

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