How to use social media to promote your event

October 31, 2016 - 2 minutes read

It’s no secret that social media is a powerhouse of communication with over 32 million active users of Facebook in the UK alone, so why not try this tool to promote your next event?

Even without a budget, it is possible to generate traction through social media platforms. By creating engaging content, you can encourage people to interact with your posts, sharing it with their network.

Video content is by far the most engaging content on social media. Even if you aren’t able to produce high quality videos, just change your tactic and post short ‘behind the scenes’ footage to still generate engagement. Including visual content, rather than plain text alone, is far more engaging so be sure to keep it interesting.

Content that features performers, stallholders, interesting site images, maps and ticketing information are great to remind and excite people about your event. If you’re working with performers and stallholders who also have social media pages, make sure you tag them in relevant posts so that people following them will see your event. If you have a headline performance, try featuring them in posts to generate interest from their fans. Providing a call to action and even a link to ticket purchases or the Facebook event is a good way to get people on board.

Also take the time to create a few posts that encourage people to like, share, comment and tag. A competition such as “tag a friend for the chance to win an extra ticket” is a great way to get your message into the newsfeeds of more potentially interested people.

If you are able to throw a little money (£10 – £20 should do it) towards a social media campaign, boosting your Facebook and Instagram posts is a great way to reach people. You can target a tailored audience in order to reach the people most likely to be interested in attending your event. You can segment by location or a variety of demographics and even target people based on their interests.

Try advertising through your social media for your next event. You could be pleasantly surprised!