How to prepare for your outdoor event

November 7, 2016 - 2 minutes read

Organising an event comes with many hurdles, some of which we can’t control. If you are running an event outdoors, we’ve got some helpful tips to ensure your event can run smoothly no matter the weather.  

The most important thing you can have organised is a backup location. As much as we hope the weather will hold out, always expect the unexpected when planning your event. Weather can be unpredictable so make sure you have a few ideas on how and where to move your crowd.

Unfavourable weather conditions can sometimes cause attendance rates to decrease so be prepared by keeping an eye on the forecast in the weeks prior to the event. If the predictions show potential showers, stock up on ponchos and umbrellas to sell at the event. This could be an additional avenue for revenue whilst keeping your attendees comfortable and more likely to stay at the event longer. Having a communications plan around weather events can also help you communicate with your attendees? Post updates on your social channels where appropriate.

Pre-warn your ticket holders about the potential weather forecast. Have some fun with it – the weather may be gloomy enough so don’t put a further dampener on it. Use this opportunity to reiterate the fun aspects of your event to remind attendees why they purchased tickets in the first place.

The weather could also go the opposite way with a heat wave taking over. Set up sunscreen and water stations so that event guests are looked after. Although this type of setup will be an additional cost, it will also deter customers from leaving the event early.

To help get people to the door, be prepared for any changes and ensure your customers are kept up to date. Your clients will appreciate the forewarning and you might ease any anxieties they had surrounding the event.

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