How to prepare for your next event

September 12, 2016 - 2 minutes read

Organising an event is a mammoth task, there’s a never ending list of things to get done. At eTickets, we want to make your event ticketing as efficient and effective as possible, so here’s a few tips to ensure your ticket sales will be stellar!


Before your tickets even go on sale, people need to know about your event. Making announcements to the public in the lead up to your ticket release is a great way to great buzz about your event and built anticipation. These announcements also help build awareness and create word-of-mouth publicity. They also give customers time to plan ahead and organise a group of friends to buy blocks of tickets in advance, creating greater ticket revenue.

Special offers

Including special offers are an effective way to encourage attendance. Offering discounts and promotions such as ‘early-bird specials’ and group discounts are a great way to build up event numbers. As well as discounts, premium ticketing is a great way to entice a crowd. Premium tickets can be promoted as limited edition and include a few extras such as free or discounted drinks and food or access to exclusive VIP areas.

Reach out

Remember all those people that came to your event last year? Reach out to them with a tailored email inviting them back. This personalised approach creates exclusivity and you could even offer a discount to returning guests to entice them further.

Ease of purchase

Having a complicated or time consuming ticketing system can deter customers from purchasing tickets. It is so important to make sure that purchasing tickets to your event is as easy and enjoyable as possible for consumers. By providing links through email and social media platforms, you remove one step from the equation, making it that much easier for people to purchase tickets. Use the link provided by eTickets to make sure your customers know where to purchase their tickets!

Eager to get started? Organise your next event today!