How To Run A Successful Not-for-Profit Event

December 5, 2016 - 3 minutes read

Running events for non-profits can be more than a challenge. Event organisers sure have their work cut out for them with budgets ranging from low to zero, and simultaneously competing with just about every other charity for a share in your community’s generosity. We know it’s a tedious task so we’ve put together a few handy hints to help maximise your fundraising capabilities whilst keeping costs down!

Before you begin
To start, you’ll want a clearly defined goal for the ease of clearly communicating your aim with potential donors and participants. It could be anything from raising awareness to funding but keep in mind the more single minded your objective is, the more effective your outgoing messaging will be.

There are number of ways to keep costs down to boost your profits as a charity. Don’t be afraid to ask for discounts on venues, catering and entertainment. These companies are more inclined to discount their products and services when dealing with not-for-profits.

Timing can be everything when you’re trying to keep costs down. Obviously peak function times are generally after work and later in the week or on weekends therefore opting for early-to-mid week events can alleviate some financial burdens when it comes to venues and catering. This theory can also be held true for times of year. High demand during holiday periods such as Easter, Valentines Day, Christmas and New Year tend to influence the higher event costs throughout the year therefore, if you are willing to be flexible, off-peak times will be your best bet for bargaining down costs.

Seeking sponsorship can be tough but before you go cold calling businesses, try leveraging your personal network. If that fails, reach out to companies who align with your brand and company goals. For small or unknown brands it’s mutually beneficial to both parties involved.

Go Digital
Take as much of your event planning to digital channels. You will save hugely on time, labour, printing and postage. Leverage electronic ticketing to sell and dispense tickets, meanwhile create email invitations with a link to a Facebook event for further details. Sticking with social media is the utmost cost-effective way to stay in touch with guests before, during and after your event. It also has great networking potential to drive the reach of your event to a larger audience.

At eTickets we want to help as many not-for-profits as possible and will happily discount your charity events, so get in touch with the team today to discuss!

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