App-y Happy! Top 5 apps to ease an event planner’s job

January 18, 2017 - 3 minutes read

From large scale galas to small banquet dinners, event planning can be stressful at the best of times so we’ve done some investigation to the best apps to ease the job. We’ve compiled our top 5 tools that fit in the palm of your hand and will simplify an otherwise complicated workflow. Check them out below!

All events start in the creation phase and what better way to gather your ideas than with Pinterest. The popular social network has a seemingly endless supply of photos and images that millions draw up on for inspiration. The creative space encourages you to set-up ‘boards’ for each event component. For example, table settings, floral arrangements, invitation design, decor, themes…the possibilities are truly infinite.

When the time comes to start planning, Evernote will become your best friend. With an incredible user experience, easily organise all your “stuff” in the one place. We’re talking scribbled notes, photos of samples and even entire web pages – Evernote keeps everything neatly in a thread. Save yourself shuffling through loose papers by categorising each item with tags so you can conveniently search for them later on.

Create buzz and excitement around your event with social media. Hootsuite will whip you into an organisational frenzy and help you schedule out posts for event updates in the lead up to the actual day. The interface is easy to use with a dashboard for all your platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and LinkedIn pages. Spend time organising yourself early on, to save you a mad scramble closer to the event.

Go paperless with Dropbox! The nifty tool eases the process for sharing guest lists, photos, notes, run sheets and any other documents with your team members. It also syncs across all your devices, so go from tablet to laptop to mobile without missing a beat!

Perfect for large events, Boomset is a great app for checking in guests using their QR codes, printing badges on-site and even creating wristbands. You can up the ante with your staff-guest communication with the ability to make notes against attendees in regards to VIP status, payment methods and table numbers. The personalisation and convenience will take your customer experience to the next level. More importantly, the reporting and analytics function will ensure a thorough evaluation of your event after it’s done and dusted. Compare and analyse the success of emails, guest count and ticket sales, to name a few.

The times are a changin’, so make the move from pen and paper, to mobile and tablets. With these handy tools in your back pocket, you can alleviate once tedious and time consuming tasks to boost productivity. Think we’ve missed a few keepers? Drop us a line at with your favourites!

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