Processing payments for your tickets

Get your ticket revenue directly with PayPal & Stripe

When a customer buys a ticket from you using the money is paid directly from them into your chosen payment processing account. We support Stripe and Paypal, so you can accept payment via all major credit and debit cards. never touches your revenue, you get all of your funds directly. We invoice you separately based on the number of tickets you sell.

Setting up your payment account

Before you start selling with you’ll need a nominated payment account to receive your ticket revenue. You can either use your Stripe or PayPal account, or you can offer your customers a choice of both!

Ensure you have fully completed the verification of your Stripe or Paypal account set up before you create your event so that your event can be underway as quickly as possible!

Whichever you choose, your customers will be able to pay you with all common credit and debit cards.

Your payment processor will charge you a small percentage of each transaction – usually around 2.5% – which they deduct from your revenue before they pay it out to you. You can recoup this cost by adding your own booking fee through

We are all about affordable pricing here at eTickets, so we’ve included links to each payment platforms pricing page to help you set up your next event!

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